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Fazzoletto nel taschino della giacca: quando si usa

Handkerchief in breast pocket: when to use

The pocket handkerchief , also known as a “ pochette ”, has roots
ancient. In fact, it was already sported in France in the eighteenth century , a period in which it lent itself
extreme attention to fashion and details.

Actually, there is a difference between the two terminologies: if the first is actually referring to
to the typical white handkerchief, in cotton or linen, to show off when folded, with the name of
pochette the field is limited to a variant in silk, usually coloured.

It was and still is, an undoubtedly whimsical accessory but capable of
add more personality and character to the final look of an outfit that – first
at a glance – could only be defined as formal and standard.

Italian tailoring is ready to describe the contexts in which it can be used,
standing out from the crowd.

Handkerchief in the breast pocket: what are the contexts in which it occurs
can use

The handkerchief in the breast pocket , as we have mentioned, can add that
plus to the seriousness of an outfit otherwise sober, but still elegant.

In any case, there are contexts in which avoiding wearing it would be preferable, however
a mere matter of further professionalism required; as in the case of a situation
work which – by definition – tends to require a more ordinary presence, less

Elsewhere however, on festive ceremonial occasions, the handkerchief in breast pocket would confer
creativity to one's appearance, especially if colored. In venues such as theaters, social evenings and
luxurious dinners, it is good practice to fall back on the white version instead – for events
of this kind – fits better with the general mood.

Handkerchief in the jacket pocket: how to wear it?

wear the handkerchief in the breast pocket it is a simple and intuitive operation: yes
in fact, it is traditionally folded into a rectangle, so that it barely protrudes from the pocket.
Alternatively, even folded into a triangle it is even more iconic, so that it peeps out
just the tip.

There pochette , on the contrary, is worn almost casually, without following a pattern
accurate; just grab it in the center and fold it naturally inside the pocket.
The ultimate goal is for it to form a small puff.

Here, it is possible to play with colors to create a visual situation that one comes to
create color contrasts with the rest of the outfit. It is suggested not to use a
pocket square of the same color, or that has the same pattern, as the tie.

Choose among the man clothes Of Sartoria Italiana , the perfect suit to match with
handkerchief in breast pocket .

Experiment and never deprive yourself of originality!

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